2 Dakika Kural için C# Mouse Wheel Scrolling Kullanımı

2 Dakika Kural için C# Mouse Wheel Scrolling Kullanımı

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A few controls like ListBox, ListView and DataGrid are in logical mode by default. In order to preserve application performance, MWLib keeps them in this mode by default. Nevertheless we can easily switch those controls to physical mode, which will turn on smooth scrolling.

Oldu ihvan. Giriş kısmında belirttiğim kabilinden formuma 8 parça listbox ekledim. Bu listboxların her birinden rastgele birine item taşıması yapabileceksiniz.

C# Event Kavramları bu dersimde bu konudan etraflıca bahsetmiştim. Göz atmanızı referans ederim.

This code will basically intercept all wm_mousewheel events and redirect them to the control the mouse is currently hovering over. The panel doesn't need to have the focus anymore to receive the wheel events.

I was going to request the same. WPF doesnt support scrolling horizontally using "mouse" devices only. Not via mouse wheel (including the classic mouse wheel with up/down, but there are also mouse wheels which you birey move to left or right), and derece via touchpad.

Takım the target control's AllowDrop property takım to true to allow that control to accept a drag-and-drop operation. The target handles two events, first an event in response to the drag being over the control, C# Drag Over Mouse Kullanımı such birli DragOver. And a second event which is the drop action itself, DragDrop.

On certain machines/mice we where experiencing a crash whenever the user scrolled the mouse wheel. I haven't bothered investigating why or how.

The outcome is a hyper-sensitive movement (see below) instead of a finer control of the motion making it a disadvantage rather than an advantage.

But this feels like it should be implemented into WPF by default. @lindexi The workaround you mention, just like the other hacks, are really annoying to implement. You'd have to do that for every control which saf scroll C# Mouse Wheel Click Kullanımı support in every page of your application.

When I simply drop in MWLib, my application does anything but work birli expected. The ListBox with a custom item container scrolls 3 pixels per turn, and the ScrollViewer with a custom template scrolls slow as hell.

I recreated your scenario with the following changes to the constructor in Form1 and verified that C# Mouse Click Kullanımı it fires the scroll wheel event.

The target visual element that received this event. Unlike currentTarget, this target does derece change when the event is sent to other elements along the propagation path.

As for the SHIFT + mouse wheel. I just C# Mouse Wheel Click Kullanımı used this workaround (Creating a new class inheriting the ScrollViewer, overridding the OnMouseWheel event. At least this wouldn't cause any public surface changes.

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